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A Shining Testimonial

Case Study: 3.85kw Domestic System Located in West Devon.


System Size   3.85 kwp
FIT Rate   14.38p
Export Rate   4.77p

14 x 275 watt SUNfarming Monocrystalline Black on Black Panels with SMA Sunnyboy 3600TL

  Forecast Actual
Generation 3,434 3,866
FIT income £493.84 £555.93
Export income £81.91 £132.59
Savings £258.17 £265.00
Payback period 6.1 years 5.6 years
Return on investment 11.31% 12.73%

Mr M has put together an account of his experience with SUNfarming UK LTD

When you are considering a Solar PV system you want to work with:

   – An expert, knowledgeable and helpful company,
   – with excellent equipment on offer,
   – able to perform a speedy and tidy installation,
   – provides good follow up support,
   – achieves the savings they promise and you expect.

SunFarming UK achieved all these things and more.

The sales person and other company staff provided me with a clear and concise quote at a competitive price and answered all my questions with accuracy and care. The options were fully explained and the reasons for their design recommendations well justified. The system they specified was better designed and specified than the competitors and used only used top quality components throughout.

They arrived promptly on the agreed date and the installation went very well, the technicians were friendly, very tidy and quick, installing the whole system in a single day. The disruption to the roof and tiles was negligible and the final installation was neat and professional. I was particularly concerned as to the impact on my roof and weatherproofing. The way they install, using substantial, non-corroding, weather proof materials was excellent, with minimal disruption to the roof or tiles and satisfied all my concerns.

After sales support was excellent and the SunFarming office were a great help with filling in the feed-in-tariff paperwork. I was saving money immediately and earning money within a week of installation. The very few
queries I have had after installation were handled professionally and with accurate information.

Now a year after installation the system still works very well with no faults or concerns. The pay-back figures quoted were more than achieved and I am very pleased we chose Sun Farming.

On the basis of my experience I have recommended them to friends and neighbours and would urge you to consider them too. SunFarming are a professional company, with good staff and great products.


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