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We understand that quality control during production of solar panels is fundamental to the profitability of any solar system. This is why in addition to the existing quality inspections made by the manufacturer of our panels, SUNfarming implement extra quality assurance measures through our own employees in the production facility with long term field tests of our own test facilities in Germany.


For efficiency purposes the assessment of the actual electrical energy yield become more important than the power given back on the panel. The STC Flash Test determines the actual output under standardised conditions. SUNfarming are committed to only purchasing modules with a plus tolerance to guarantee that our panels work according to the nominal power or above.
modules-el-testingElectroluminescence is a process that allows us to look directly in to the cells of a solar panel. This enables us to identify potential defects that could have a negative impact on the panels efficiency and lifespan.
To avoid defects, which are invisible to the human eye we only purchase panels from high technology manufacturers and EL-test the panels prior to collection. This way we ensure Grade A quality and long term performance.
modules-eva-gel-testingThe gel content test is a test to measure the gel content of EVA after the lamination in order to prove the quality of the process and the material. Within the tesst it is possible to know the effectiveness of the lamination recipe so you can both control the process and rating finished product quality. Typically the EVA manufactuer recommends a gel content greater than 70%, but about 60% of models testing do not reach that value.

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