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Government Support –
In order for the UK to reach the targets set out by the government, carbon emissions must fall dramatically by 2050. Renewable energy provides solutions to assist with these reductions, whether it be through solar PV or wind power.

Factories and commercial premises are attracting huge focus in order to achieve this target.

To encourage companies to invest in renewable energy, thus reducing their carbon footprint, the Government have introduced the Feed in Tariff to ‘reward’ the owners of a PV system. The feed in tariff, along with the savings in the electricity bill, will result in medium to long term savings.

Company Benefits –
As well as reducing your electricity bill and receiving the benefits of the Feed In Tariff, solar will also provide a safety net for long term energy price forecasting and budgeting.

In addition to the financial benefits, some industries are specifically targeted to reduce their carbon footprint, which will be achieved through solar PV.

Solar PV also offers two further indirect benefits to your company. Firstly you are showing your commitment to reduce your carbon footprint which can attracted media support and secondly you are also showing your commitment to your customers/supplies/staff of your long term commitment to them and your industry.

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