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Our Services – Large Scale

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Rental Income for 25 years:

  • £1000 per acre, per year
  • RPI linked
  • Government Backed
  • Retain Ownership
  • Potential agricultural and inheritance relief
SequenceServiceWhat We Do
1PlanningAll large scale solar farm projects require planning permission - regardless of size. We use specialist and regional consultants to maximum the likelihood of a successful application.
2Community ConsultationWe will hold a formal event within the local community to advertise our proposals and to respond to local interest in the project.
3LegalWe will provide a contribution towards legal costs. The process is similar to any land transaction. As we are effectively renting your ground for a fixed term is it necessary to have the required documents in place.
4ConstructionWe will oversee the construction process from start to finish. We like to use local sub contractors on our projects and we will be on hand to discuss and respond to any queries you may have.
5Connection to GridHaving already secured the grid connection we aim to find a connection point on site. Where necessary we will seek wayleaves to find an off site connection up to 4 miles from the site.
6Technical ChecksWe will appoint specialists to ensure that the system (once commissions) is operating safely and in accordance with our quality and performance standards.
7Operational MaintenanceWe need to maintain our systems to ensure that they operate at their optimum. This requires routine visits to sites and remote monitoring. Where possible we will appoint a local steward to monitor and respond to sudden events on site. We are happy for land owners to graze sheep below our systems.

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