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Solar PV Can Heat Your Water…

SUNfarming are pleased to offer a solution to heat hot water using a Solar PV System.

The Solar iBoost connects remotely and wirelessly to your existing immersion. When your Solar PV system is exporting more than 200W your immersion will automatically draw the energy to heat your water.

The system will only use the surplus energy that would usually be exported. It does not require a ‘top up’ drawn from the National Grid.

Additional features include user set timers and a manual boost feature. Both can draw energy from the National Grid if PV energy is not available. These features can be left dormant if required.

A further benefit of the Solar iBoost is the 2nd output that can run a second immersion from the National Grid, for customers with all electric homes and overnight economy tariffs.

You can monitor your energy savings as Solar iBoost will display how much power has been diverted to your immersion in real time.

SUNfarming can offer the Solar iBoost as a supply, or a supply and fitted product.

Please contact us if you would like to know about adding the Solar iBoost to your system, or incorporating the Solar iBoost in to a new installation.


Solar Iboost PV Water Heating System


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